Therapeutic Flying

Therapeutic Flying is a body work technique that uses inversion and stretches to add space to the body, notably the spinal column.  In appearance, it resembles a mix between Acro-Yoga and advanced Thai-Yoga Massage stretches. Although Therapeutic Flying borrows elements from both, it is its own unique modality.  By being supported from underneath, one has the opportunity to release stress and tension through the aid of gravity and the guide of a certified practitioner.  This results in a feeling of lightness or floating, and it aids in releasing both physical and mental blockages. Therapeutic Flying is an effective, fun and relaxing way upon which your body is treated. It can  also increase confidence, communication, the ease of letting go, and general body awareness. 

Therapeutic Flying is available and recommended to anyone. One should wear comfortable clothing on the bottom and tighter fitting tops in order to allow a full stretch while remaining modest.  This technique is possible to adapt to pregnant women, but only if they have a pre-existing practice of Acro-Yoga or Therapeutic Flight before pregnancy.

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