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12 2 years ago

That lingering pain in a knee, hip, elbow or wrist could be a sign of osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease.

Osteoarthritis will affect many people in the course of their lives.

Aliyah Massage Therapy Helps Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain

Several published studies have indicated that massage therapy helps relieve osteoarthritis pain.

1. Better posture. Massage Therapy to realign posture will reduce unequal weight distribution throughout the body, which the joints usually receive with unhealthy posture. Joints properly stacked vis-à-vis each other will witness a healthy distribution of body weight and ground reactive force. This will reduce the weight burden load upon each joint.

2. Joint flexibility. Friction strokes will positively impact joint structures by aiding in the removal of collagenous tissue bound within joint structures. Collagen settles in areas of injury to patch these sites. These patchwork scars contribute to the lack of mobility and stiffness felt by people with osteoarthritis. Proper range of motion can be restored with massage therapy techniques.

3. Pain management. Regular Massage Therapy reduces pain by directly impacting nerves. Because joint structures have many nerve endings located within and around the local regions, osteoarthritis pain can be managed greatly with massage therapy.

4. Decreased swelling. Lymphatic Drainage incorporated within the massage treatment to push extracellular fluid proximally upon a limb can greatly reduce swelling of an affected joint structure. This benefit augments the prior benefits mentioned and may expedite the body’s healing processes.

5. Movement re-education. As the massage client begins to experience proper joint mobility, the nervous system will begin re-educating itself via proprioceptive activity. Efficient movement patterns can be restored compared to pre-osteoarthritis patterns.

These benefits of massage therapy will greatly aid the osteoarthritic patient and slow the progression of this condition. Information presented is never intended to replace advice from a medical professional.

More facts about osteoarthritis

  • Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. This condition is typically non-inflammatory and usually affects weight-bearing joints such as the hands, knees, hips and spine. This condition breaks down the articular (hyaline) cartilage at the ends of bones.
  • Healthy cartilage acts as a substance to allow bones to glide against each other smoothly in pain-free motion. This cartilage appears pink and smooth on cadavers, however it appears chipped away and rough where arthritis has presented. When this cartilage wears away, bone surfaces will grind against each other with movement, thereby causing intense pain, swelling and reduced motion in joints. Other signs and symptoms include the development of bone spurs, point tenderness and stiffness of affected joints.
  • Osteoarthritis is a progressive disease, meaning it gradually worsens over time. Risk factors to consider with the progression of this condition include prior joint injury, body weight, occupational and recreational demands, genetics, bone malformations and concurrent diseases.

Aliyah Massage Therapists are armed to help ease your pain and stiffness as you navigate through the circulation of life.

Call us to book your treatment  –

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12 2 years ago

Reasons to Get an Aliyah Massage in October

A growing body of research supports massage therapy for health and wellness. October is the perfect time to take advantage of the many health benefits of massage therapy including decreasing pain and swelling associated with overuse or traumatic body injuries and increasing the ranges of motion in your joints.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Research has shown that massage therapy can reduce pain, stress, nausea, depression, distress, anxiety and fatigue, while improving health related quality of life for cancer patients.

Destress Before the Holidays

Has preparing for the back to school routine and the impending holiday season left you feeling more stressed than normal? Aliyah Massage therapy is a proven stress reliever.

Take Advantage of your Insurance Plans before the year ends.

Aliyah Massage Therapy Centre can provide insurance receipts for both Massage Therapy and Naturopathy.
We look forward to treating you soon.



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18 2 years ago

4 Reasons Why Massages at Aliyah Massage Therapy Centre Should Be Part of Your Workout Routine

There’s more to a rubdown than just feeling great.sportsmassage
If you only hit up your gym’s weights, treadmills, and classes, now’s the time to start with regular massage therapy treatments too. Here are four benefits of booking a post-workout massage treatment.

Stronger Muscles
Little structures called mitochondria, housed in every one of your muscle cells, fuel your muscles with energy. Massage therapy actually increases the volume of mitochondria in your muscle cells to improve oxygenation and muscle endurance.

Better Recovery
Massaged muscles have only half the scar tissue of non-massaged ones. Plus, they also contain more blood vessels, which may be responsible for getting oxygen-carrying blood to the worked muscles and clearing out exercise by-products to reduce inflammation.

Less Chance of Injury
Muscles that are heavily exercised may become difficult to relax, making them hypertonic (overtight) with diminished flexibility. This creates muscle soreness and increases the risk of injury, especially muscle pulls and tears. By helping your muscles relax and increasing flexibility, you can help prevent getting sidelined by injuries.

Better Performance
Massage can help release restricted tissues, which means better posture, increased mobility, and less compensated movement. That means you crank out your workouts with better form, strength, speed, and results.

Pro Tip: Massage Therapy is helpful any time, but treatments are most beneficial if you receive them within a few hours after your workout so your muscles will still be warm and limber, Follow up your workouts with a quick shower and then head on over to Aliyah Massage Therapy Centre.

Call us at 514-448-1484 to book in for your next Massage Therapy treatment. We look forward to seeing you!

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About Us

Aliyah Massage Therapy Centre is on a mission to further establish and develop massage therapy as an integral component of healthcare and a primary complement to traditional western medicine. With our vast academic knowledge and practical skill-set, the Aliyah team of highly trained professionals are armed to treat any acute, su

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