4 Reasons Why Massages at Aliyah Massage Therapy Centre Should Be Part of Your Workout Routine

There’s more to a rubdown than just feeling great.sportsmassage
If you only hit up your gym’s weights, treadmills, and classes, now’s the time to start with regular massage therapy treatments too. Here are four benefits of booking a post-workout massage treatment.

Stronger Muscles
Little structures called mitochondria, housed in every one of your muscle cells, fuel your muscles with energy. Massage therapy actually increases the volume of mitochondria in your muscle cells to improve oxygenation and muscle endurance.

Better Recovery
Massaged muscles have only half the scar tissue of non-massaged ones. Plus, they also contain more blood vessels, which may be responsible for getting oxygen-carrying blood to the worked muscles and clearing out exercise by-products to reduce inflammation.

Less Chance of Injury
Muscles that are heavily exercised may become difficult to relax, making them hypertonic (overtight) with diminished flexibility. This creates muscle soreness and increases the risk of injury, especially muscle pulls and tears. By helping your muscles relax and increasing flexibility, you can help prevent getting sidelined by injuries.

Better Performance
Massage can help release restricted tissues, which means better posture, increased mobility, and less compensated movement. That means you crank out your workouts with better form, strength, speed, and results.

Pro Tip: Massage Therapy is helpful any time, but treatments are most beneficial if you receive them within a few hours after your workout so your muscles will still be warm and limber, Follow up your workouts with a quick shower and then head on over to Aliyah Massage Therapy Centre.

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